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Tropical fruits - fresh & local

Today people are more and more interested in a health-conscious lifestyle and the demand for fruits and vegetables is growing steadily.

ANON Südverbindungen Handels GmbH has set itself the goal of offering a qualified and professional service for all aspects of the procurement of fruit and vegetables. Reliability, daily freshness and the satisfaction of our customers are particularly important to us.

It is our job to provide seasonal products of the same quality all year round. We at ANON have a dynamic and specialized team that buys the best product quality at a good price.

About the Company

ANON Südverbindungen Handels GmbH was founded in 2009 and is an Austrian, privately run company that imports and exports regional and international products. We trust in our 25 years of experience in wholesale and foreign trade with fruit and vegetables.

The head office for international buying and selling is on the wholesale market in Vienna. The company has two production facilities in Antalya and Bursa (Turkey).

In addition, ANON Südwissenschaften Handels GmbH has storage capacities with 6,000 m² of storage space in cold stores, as well as packaging and sorting systems, open spaces and truck parking spaces.


Due to the high proportion of our own imports and the cooperation with local producers and markets, we can supply our customers with the best range of fresh produce on a daily basis. Our goal is to offer quality products with a friendly, reliable and experienced service team. To achieve this, we have implemented monitoring processes in our company:

  • Monitoring
  • Process control and evaluation
  • Control of the quality of fresh products before delivery
  • Compliance with customer specifications.

for wholesale markets, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and catering companies by specially trained employees.

for employees and trainees of our customers in our rooms

with your own vehicles, order acceptance until midnight and an emergency service that is available 7 days a week.

Our Assortment

Depending on the season, ANON Südverbindungen Handels GmbH offers products from France, Italy,
Spain, Eastern Europe, North Africa and overseas.

Our range extends over:

• Salads fresh from the field
• Vegetables and mini vegetables
• fruit
• Tropical and exotic fruits
• Berries and wild berries
• Garden herbs and aromatic herbs
• Cultivated and forest mushrooms
• Food decoration
• Edible flowers

From our own production

• Ready-to-cook leaf salads
• Fresh salad mixes
• Sliced ​​fruits
• fruit salads
• Tournament vegetables

In order to be able to obtain comprehensive information about our offer, we will be happy to send you our product range list on request.

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